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Finding the right consultant is a challenge.  Most technology consultants are just that - technical; they don't understand the business issues.  Conversely, typical management consultants are too high-level and can't grasp the technology opportunities.  In either case, you still have a sizeable gap to fill.

The Optimal consultant is one that understands your business issues and brings proven experience across all corporate functions.  A strategic advisor and collaborator, yet hands-on and capable enough to develop a plan, rally your people around it, and put it into action. The unique combination of a leader and technologist with business acumen and experience implementing top-down strategies.


Our experience with diverse clients across several industries affords us unique insight and a surprising array of options.  We've lived the start-up and IPO experience and have management experience at every level.  With a rich hands-on cross-functional background in R&D, Support, IT, Professional Services, Accounting and Marketing, we come with the confidence, fortitude and ingenuity to face the most complex business challenges.

   Management Team

John Deitz, President & Founder

Mr. Deitz is a veteran innovator, entrepreneur and senior consultant with more than two decades experience in upper echelon companies like IBM, SAIC, JDA and Viasoft.  His cross-functional insight and expertise in a wide range of disciplines helps companies compete more aggressively while streamlining operations.  Since 2000, his work with clients has produced over $1.8M in new revenue, raised over $12.3M in investment capital, saved over $1.2M in operation costs, and generated thousands of new qualified prospects.

Previously John founded Pique Marketing and Venture Confidence Group, both strategic marketing consultancies, and co-founded AbilityWare, an ASP platform for personalization and e-marketing.  Prior he held executive marketing and R&D positions at Viasoft and Transform Logic Corporation, and was a senior analyst at Motorola SPS.

John has functional expertise in business process engineering, data warehousing, enterprise software, knowledge management and M&A due diligence.

A unique
combination of
leader and
technologist, with
business acumen
and experience.

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