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From the President ...

Thanks for taking a few moments to explore Optimal Enterprise for your corporate initiatives.  Whether your enterprise is large or small -  with revenues in the billions, millions or thousands -  the ability to execute well on meaningful strategies is how good companies become market leaders.

Optimal focuses on three core disciplines:  Leadership, Systems (process) and Marketing.  You may already have great products and the business insight to succeed in your marketplace.  But achieving leadership involves understanding the limitations of your current market, and effecting new strategies -  ones that evolve your products and services and reshape the markets you serve.  I believe that leadership, business process and marketing are the keys to this quest.


A company that focuses too heavily on rapid growth and expansion can lose focus on leadership disciplines, business process and long-term strategy. Eventually, this can mean the company is not positioned to see -  or to take advantage of -  a crucial opportunity. That's a problem, since growth tends to run in cycles.  Market leadership can be short-lived, subject to the next big wave of innovation.

Many companies of the last half century suffer from budget-driven management styles and heavily "siloed" functional areas -  characteristics that hamper execution and severely impair customer relationships and internal support levels. These systems, and the thought processes behind them, are heavily ingrained;  so becoming a strategy-focused organization is a challenging transition to make.

It is an interesting phenomenom that companies with exceptional revenues will often fail to evolve and fortify the systems and disciplines necessary to sustain the market lead they've managed to build.


Improving businesses really comes down to having exceptional vision, and the ability to execute on it.  We work with organizations to understand and accomplish the goals of the enterprise and measure their performance -  to foster strategy-focused leadership.  Our ultimate goal is to bring strategy out of the boardroom and make it part of everyone's job.

Our experience with giants like IBM, Motorola and SAIC -  as well as a host of mid tier companies and start-ups - gives us unique perspective on the critical issues companies face at every stage.  It also affords us the expertise to address those issues in the most expeditious way, with meaningful and lasting benefits.

Working with Optimal Enterprise you will gain better leadership disciplines, hone your business processes, and market more intelligently.  And you can groom the vital cross-functional teams that will keep your company agile for years to come.


Bottom line:  Working with Optimal Enterprise you will achieve more from your initiative.  More function.  More insight into productivity. More of the tools you need to execute quickly with stronger results.

In the end you will become a more optimal enterprise.


John Deitz

John Deitz
Optimal Enterprise

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