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Expanets was formed by the aggregation of some twenty-odd equipment reseller, networking and IT services companies nationwide. This strategic move created a national entity with the full gamut of IT infrastructure, communications and e-business solutions for the enterprise.

"Optimal helped
us redefine our
offerings, educate
our work force, and elevate our
core messages to customers.

They brought a
unique blend of
business acumen, creativity and
marketing depth."


More than a year after its formation, Expanets was experiencing something of an identity crisis. Its recent acquisition of the former Lucent sales channel - focused primarily on phone services - seemed to add to the problem. Many Expanets holdings still operated more or less independently, selling IT products and services in their own respective regions.

In the Southwest, Expanets was struggling to elevate its offerings and message to evolve from equipment reseller to full-service provider of IT and e-business solutions.

The Optimal Difference

Amid internal reorganizations and external softening of the IT market, employee confidence was waning. A multi-stage employee communication program was developed to educate the work force about changing company operations and business climate. Employee confidence was bolstered.

Company offerings were redefined, and promoted through new sales presentations and collateral, including a corporate brochure. Co-marketing efforts with solution partners HP, IBM and HNC were fortified.

Further consolidation of operations was accomplished with Optimal facilitation.

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