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Terryberry Company
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Terryberry company provides products and solutions that help companies motivate, retain and recognize the accomplishments of their employees. Terryberry manufactures much of its quality merchandise, and recently unveiled its exciting e-solution, AwardChoice.

"Optimal designed
and produces
our new opt-in newsletter, the
Recognition Insider.

Feedback from customers and
prospects has been super.  We
gain new customer candidates
every day!"


A mature company with traditional mid-West business values, family-owned Terryberry Company continues to differentiate itselve from competitors with exceptional production quality. But it also sees the hugh potential to service a new generation of customers over the web via a wide range of offerings beyond just the ones it manufactures.

Still, it is not a simple transition.  Traditional direct mail has been the mainstay of a very conservative marketing program, supporting three regional direct sales teams. Terryberry finds many customers are not equipped to use web-only solutions.

The Optimal Difference

Optimal played an integral part in setting up the opt-in newsletter, working with the back-end team to develop a rich set of subscription, referral, account self-management and archive services, and setting up privacy policies and practices.

Optimal designed and consulted on the tone and targeting of the newsletter, geared to busy HR professionals. Optimal designed a mini-website to host the newsletter, and provide a platform for account management and cross-marketing.

The newsletter generates hundreds of qualified sales leads, and has deepened Terryberry's bond with existing customers.

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