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To measure the right things, organizations first need to understand and work toward the right outcomes; only then are measurements meaningful.  That's why approaching a dashboard within the context of a BSC is so important.

Likewise, it is crucial to measure not only tangible elements like operating factors and budgets, but also subjective elements like customer satisfaction and other reflections of value creation.

Working with Optimal, you will build a balanced dashboard that supports and enables your strategic initiatives, is scaled to your organization, and can be developed using toolsets that make sense in your environment.  We're not a reseller of any solution, so we are totally focused on your best interests.


Cause and effect relationships in BSC strategy maps describe the paths by which improvements and capabilities of intangible assets get translated into tangible customer satisfaction and financial outcomes.  Measuring organizational performance requires such causal chains of value creation.  Standalone measures cannot express the means by which value creation happens.  That's why we recommend that measurement solutions remain framed in BSC strategy maps.


Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) can be deceiving out of context.  KPIs are most useful when considered within a strategic framework, enabling individuals and teams to define what they must do well to contribute to higher-level goals. These links to strategy must be carefully thought through to ensure that performance is directly related to strategy.  Financial measures alone cannot summarize whether strategy is implemented successfully, and if not, where it has broken down.  That's why it is so important to develop strategy maps that illustrate, communicate and measure cause-and-effect chains throughout the company.


Call on Optimal to help you understand the quality and applicability of measures you have in place today, and to develop a strategic dashboard that surfaces crucial strategy-specific performance information about your key initiatives.  It's the first step in creating a more profitable, results-managed organization.

"Any measurement
must take into
account the position
of the observer.
There is no such
thing as measurement
absolute, there is
only measurement
- Jeanette Winterson -

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