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Integrated Delivery Process

There's nothing more strategic than your company's ability to deliver.  An intense focus on innovation and revenue growth often comes at the expense of business process and mangement disciplines.  An integrated cross-functional delivery process is the only way to ensure that all departments are working together in unity, with no wasted motion and overlap of responsibilities.


A cross-functional delivery process is also the only effective way to break down the "silos" of isolation around departments.  Even with the best of intentions, departments become myopic over time.  They focus on internal expertise, and lose sight of the big picture.  Intense periods of growth drive departments further into isolation, making their role in the overall delivery process more abstract.  Overlap of function developes between departments.


With an Integrated Delivery Process, your departments realign themselves according to the dynamics, skills and strengths inherent in your company.  There's no magic delivery formula that works for every company; but using our framework, your people can build the one that's uniquely you.

Optimal brings the right tools for the job:

Departmental Task Analysis (DTA).  Using our DTA methodology, each department will chart its own core processes, and identify the key supply or consume from other departments.

RACIX Analysis.  Using RACIX, each process step is analyzed cross-functionally to determine which department is Responsible, has Authority, receives Communication, is Involved with or is eXcluded from the activity. RACIX analysis provides critical insight into how departments view their own roles, responsibilities and authority in the overall delivery process.

STREAMLINE Analysis.  STREAMLINE anaysis is the third critical step in achieving the optimal Integrated Delivery Process.  Generate the critical path of your delivery process, while identifying and eliminating unnecessary process steps in every department.
Work wth Optimal to establish your own Process Management Office that monitors and tunes your unique cross-functional processes, and fosters a culture of continual process improvement.

Re-align departments
according to the
dynamics, skills &
strengths inherent in
your company.

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