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In a congested marketplace, differentiation is a primay key to survival.  It's a cornerstone of product image and an important factor in tactical positioning.  If your sales force isn't already equipped with a strong Unique Selling Proposition (USP), then they're fighting an uphill battle.

Let Optimal show you how differentiation can turn a commodity into a stand-out product that really shines.  Put us to work on:
Unique Selling Proposition   that makes your offerings distinctive to the customer segments you are targeting.
Competitive Messaging   that gives your USP creativity, depth and vitality as it is deployed across campaigns.
Guerrilla marketing tactics   that think outside the box to feature your products in venues where your competition isn't represented.

Work with Optimal to develop integrated marketing programs that have your Marketing and Sales organizations working hand-in-hand to coordinate the impact and returns of every campaign.

is a conscious
decision not to be
a commodity."

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