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Functional ERP Consulting

Well-integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems offer more value than ever before, but they are also more complex.  Chances are the buisness processes in your departments don't need all that functionality, so why bear the expense of implementing it?

Optimal fills an important gap in ERP strategies by providing truly strategic functional consulting and business process re-engineering.  Together we'll develop a sound strategy for phasing the overall implementation, ensuring you get early value on the investment.  Then we'll help you tackle each module, taking advantage of the function you need most, and deferring the function that doesn't create business advantage.

We'll help you discover and understand the processes you use today, and translate them into higher-value ERP-based processes.  Most importantly, we'll work with your people to develop truly cross-functional processes, properly aligned for departmental responsibility.  Take it a step further and develop a fully Integrated Delivery Process that can shave man years off your product development cycle, and significantly reduce your costs of operation.


You'll benefit from Optimal's expertise across all business functions:

Accounting & GL, AR, AP

Customer Support

CRM & eMarketing

Enterprise Portal

Sales Force Automation

Services Automation

HR & Recruiting

Asset Management

Leverage our
functional expertise
to maximize
your returns on
PeopleSoft, ORACLE,
and a host of
related CRM &
SFA tools.

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