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OPTIMAL Leadership

In corporate circles, there's a lot of talk about "strategy".  But truth is, strategy is not enough.  Sure, strategies set direction; but the experience of implementing just a few tactics can cause you to rethink your entire plan.

What really matters is two things: the ability to put ideas into action, and the agility to change direction without losing ground or momentum.  These skills rely on a perpetual, integrated process for conceiving and implementing strategy.

Optimal's Leadership practice creates an dynamic environment that can rapidly translate strategic thinking into plans and action, and positively adapt to changing business conditions.


Clear leadership is the cornerstone of a balanced corporate governance model.  Yet it cannot stand alone.  Balance comes by giving collateral attention to core
corporate disciplines including   organizational alignment, integrated cross-functional processes, growth and learning, as well as a firm grasp of the financial and customer ramifications of actions to be undertaken.  Measurement is an underlying key discipline.

This balanced scorecard approach identifies and resolves weaknesses before they can impede initiatives, ensuring your company has a strong foundation to pursue its strategies.


An Optimal Strategy Baseline is the first step to understand how balanced your leadership infrastructure is, clarify corporate vision and strategies, and begin mobilizing your staff.  You'll discover your team's capacity to implement change; then you'll learn how to use the tools behind a balanced scorecard, and begin nurturing the cultural aspects of strategy-focused management.

As your culture matures, use Optimal to guide development and management of key initiatives, and mentor constituents in measuring their own performance factors.

"The morale of an organization is not
built from the
bottom up;
it filters from
the top down."
- Peter B. Kyne -

"Management is
doing things right;
leadership is doing
the right things."
- Peter Drucker -

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