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Market Research

Whether your product is new on the market or has been around a while, there's very likely some lucrative niches it hasn't reached yet.  But how will you discover them?  Most marketing organizations have their hands full penetrating the markets they're already in.  Plus, in-depth market research requires skills and resources you may not have in house.

In today's hyper-competitive channels, you'll have a tough time maximizing your marketshare without cultivating the right partnerships.  But which companies are the optimum partners for yours?  What value propositions will you approach them with?  And how will you structure the relationship to be lucrative and valuable to both parties.  


Marketing can be like looking at the world through a telescope.  You see and comprehend your current market place really, really well.  But for all that focus, you can't see a world of other markets that are just out of scope.

Ready for a real eye-opener?  Sic our channel research experts on your products and services.  We'll help you discover new market opportunities, and help you rank the ones to attack now.


Leverage our SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunites, Threats) analysis to reaffirm your mission and fully comprehend your current and projected market position.  We'll help you develop strategies to protect your current marketshare from encroachment, and deepen your bonds with customers.


The most meaningful partnerships are those that bear fruit for both parties.  As Geophrey Moore would say, we're in an age of "co-opetition" where even a pervieved competitior may be the answer to expanding your market.  It's all about understanding strengths and weaknesses, and crafting a WIN-WIN business case that's compelling on its business merits alone, emotions aside.  With Optimal, you could be identifing and developing these opportunties today.

With your opportunties clearly in sight, you'll be ready for Optimal market development to take it to the next step..

Discover new market
opportunities, and
intelligently rank
the ones to
attack now.

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