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Organization Alignment

Strategy should play a fundamental role in organization design.  Traditional organizations have been designed around functional specialties: R&D, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Services, Support, and so on.  Functional silos present a major barrier to strategy because functional areas struggle with communicating and coordinating across functional domains.  Yet they provide the means to cultivate best practices in each domain.  What's the answer?

Optimal is helping creative corporations rethink organizational frameworks built not just around functional specialization, but other factors such as diversification, globalization, customer/partner relationship management, and recreating better internal service centers ... all important strategies.


Functional organizations have long been a framework for accountability; but that accountability has been to performing the function well.  Strategy-based organizations reach across (or build on) traditional structures by creating accountability for strategic themes.  Strategic themes focus functional organizations on setting appropriate goals and priorities that truly serve the business, and establish a new layer of cross-functional coordination to substantively achieve corporate goals.


If you think about it, linking strategy to personal behavior and departmental results just makes good sense.  It's the only way to rally the most significant percentage of the corporation's physical and intellectual assets and energy behind the primary initiatives of the enterprise.

Optimal can help you devise new accountability structures with compensation and incentive programs that empower individuals and teams to maximize the results of strategic initiatives, and enjoy the rich satisfaction of personal contribution.

"An empowered
organization is one
in which individuals
have the knowledge, skill,
desire, and opportunity
to personally succeed
in a way that
leads to collective
organizational success."
- Stephen R. Covey -

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