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Strategic Application Consulting

Forward thinking managers realize that ERP systems are a great operational footing.  But the ability to compete long-term depends on analytical systems that broaden the knowledge available to all employees, and feed the decision support systems of managers at all levels.

Count on Optimal to help you explore - and put into practice - these strategic applications that consistently separate the leaders from the followers:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM).   Whether you are implementing the CRM modules of your ERP package, or integrating a third-party package with your operational systems, Optimal offers years of insight into CRM and customer advancement strategies that generate the value your customers demand, and the revenues you deserve.

Data Warehouse & Decision Support (DW & DSS).   Real-time decision support systems are the hallmark of today's market leaders. Truly strategic DSS programs depend on extracting the right data, creating the most useful dimensional data from it, and mining that data in alignment with corporate objectives. Optimal has been involved with data warehousing solutions for nearly a decade.  We can help you avoid the pitfalls and false starts so common to these projects, and focus your solution on the knowledge most pertinent and leverageable in your business.

Knowledge Management.   PeopleSoft and other ERP frameworks offer advanced portal technology for content management.  But strategic knowledge management is less about the mechanism, and more about the corporate strategies that it can support or drive.  Not to mention, KM programs are costly to maintain over time -- there'd better be a pay-off.

Our experience in KM and respository solutions started in the late 80's and covers a wide range of solutions on many different platforms.  We'll help you get the biggest KM bang for the buck.

Customer Life-time Value (LTV).   Savvy marketeers eventually discover that there are several plateaus customers pass through, ranging from from initial interest to intimate partner. LTV is an enlightened process of measuring customers at each plateau, and creating very targeted marketing that stimulates them to advance in maturity -- and thus value to your company.
Raise the business IQ of your organizations.  Talk with Optimal today about the knowledge-sharing and dashboard solutions right for your company.  We'll help you put them into motion, and groom your culture to extract the most value from them.

Deepen relationships
with customers,
gleen new insights
from operational data,
and develop a
dynamic knowledge-
driven culture.

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