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Strategy Baseline

To achieve vision and mission, you need strategies that are grounded in the way you do business today.  Strategy-focused organizations readily discover that after corporate goals are set, the most astounding strategies originate not from the boardroom, but from the people on the front lines.  The challenge is to conduct strategy in a way that makes this happen.


Begin your strategic efforts on a solid footing with an Optimal Strategy Baseline.  A baseline will capture the state of your business prior to implementation so that improvements, benefits and ROI can be measured.  We'll capture factors - specific to your business - in each of the balanced scorecard areas, and identify how and when future factors will be captured to measure rate and scale of change.


Preface your Strategy Baseline with an Optimal Strategy Review, a facilitated process that refocuses your leadership team on core objectives and (especially) the expected results of applying identified strategies.  A strategy review can be conducted at multiple levels in the organization if needed.

At the executive or business unit level strategies, we often conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis.  SWOT is a powerful way to explore, reaffirm or adjust key mission points, and ensure business objectives are ideally aligned with them.


Optimal will work with your teams to translate strategies into operational themes that are balanced across financial and non-financial perspectives, and able to be accomplished with the assets(or planned acquisitions) of each contributing organization.


Strategies must evolve in pace with business change.  In the baseline we establish a process for learning and adapting.  Initial scorecards hypothesize about strategies and ideal actions needed.  But over time, feedback will prove or disprove these assumptions, and new opportunities will emerge.

Learning and adapting is a key aspect of establishing a strategy-focused organization.  Optimize the results you get by establishing the most powerful mechanisms you can for systematic change that's aligned with corporate strategic goals.

"You may not
be interested
in strategy,
but strategy is
in you."
- Leon Trotsky -

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